N-channel 40 V, 3.0 mΩ standard level MOSFET in LFPAK56

Automotive qualified N-channel MOSFET using the latest Trench 9 low ohmic superjunction technology, housed in a robust LFPAK56 package. This product has been fully designed and qualified to meet AEC-Q101 requirements delivering high performance and endurance.

Orderable parts

Type number Orderable part number Ordering code (12NC) Package Buy from distributors
BUK7Y3R0-40H BUK7Y3R0-40HX 934660085115 SOT669 Order product
BUK7Y3R0-40H/A002 BUK7Y3R0-40H/A002X 934665443115 SOT669 Order product

Features and benefits

  • Fully automotive qualified to AEC-Q101:
    • 175 °C rating suitable for thermally demanding environments

  • Trench 9 Superjunction technology:
    • Reduced cell pitch enables enhanced power density and efficiency with lower RDSon in same footprint

    • Improved SOA and avalanche capability compared to standard TrenchMOS

    • Tight VGS(th) limits enable easy paralleling of MOSFETs

  • LFPAK Gull Wing leads:
    • High Board Level Reliability absorbing mechanical stress during thermal cycling, unlike traditional QFN packages

    • Visual (AOI) soldering inspection, no need for expensive x-ray equipment

    • Easy solder wetting for good mechanical solder joint

  • LFPAK copper clip technology:
    • Improved reliability, with reduced Rth and RDSon

    • Increases maximum current capability and improved current spreading


  • 12 V automotive systems

  • Motors, lamps and solenoid control

  • Start-Stop micro-hybrid applications

  • Transmission control

  • Ultra high performance power switching


Type numberPackage versionPackage nameProduct statusChannel typeNr of transistorsVDS [max] (V)RDSon [max] @ VGS = 10 V (mΩ)Tj [max] (°C)ID [max] (A)QGD [typ] (nC)QG(tot) [typ] @ VGS = 10 V (nC)Ptot [max] (W)Qr [typ] (nC)VGSth [typ] (V)Automotive qualifiedCiss [typ] (pF)Coss [typ] (pF)Date
BUK7Y3R0-40HSOT669LFPAK56; Power-SO8ProductionN14031751206.33417219.53Y24176882017-07-04

PCB Symbol, Footprint and 3D Model

Model NameDescription


Type numberOrderable part number, (Ordering code (12NC))StatusMarkingPackagePackage informationReflow-/Wave solderingPacking
( 9346 600 85115 )
LFPAK56; Power-SO8
( 9346 654 43115 )
LFPAK56; Power-SO8

Environmental information

Type numberOrderable part numberChemical contentRoHSRHF-indicator
Quality and reliability disclaimer

Documentation (17)

File nameTitleTypeDate
BUK7Y3R0-40HN-channel 40 V, 3.0 mΩ standard level MOSFET in LFPAK56Data sheet2018-05-11
AN10273Power MOSFET single-shot and repetitive avalanche ruggedness ratingApplication note2022-06-20
AN11158Understanding power MOSFET data sheet parametersApplication note2020-07-06
AN11160Designing RC SnubbersApplication note2023-02-03
AN11156Using Power MOSFET Zth CurvesApplication note2021-01-04
AN11243Failure signature of Electrical Overstress on Power MOSFETsApplication note2017-12-21
AN11261RC Thermal ModelsApplication note2021-03-18
AN11599Using power MOSFETs in parallelApplication note2016-07-13
AN90001Designing in MOSFETs for safe and reliable gate-drive operationApplication note2017-05-05
nexperia_document_leaflet_LFPAK56_LR_2020The automotive Power-SO8 that packs a punchLeaflet2020-04-22
BUK7xxxx-40H_LTspice_V3BUK7xxxx-40H Precision ElectroThermal (PET) LTspice modelPET SPICE model2022-09-26
BUK7Y3R0-40HBUK7Y3R0-40HSPICE model2017-08-11
TN00008Power MOSFET frequently asked questions and answersTechnical note2023-01-12
BUK7Y3R0-40H_RCthermalBUK7Y3R0-40H_RCthermalThermal design2017-08-11
SOT669_115LFPAK56; Reel pack for SMD, 7"; Q1/T1 product orientationPacking information2022-05-10
REFLOW_BG-BD-1Reflow soldering profileReflow soldering2021-04-06
WAVE_BG-BD-1Wave soldering profileWave soldering2021-09-08


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File nameTitleTypeDate
BUK7xxxx-40H_LTspice_V3BUK7xxxx-40H Precision ElectroThermal (PET) LTspice modelPET SPICE model2022-09-26
BUK7Y3R0-40HBUK7Y3R0-40HSPICE model2017-08-11
BUK7Y3R0-40H_RCthermalBUK7Y3R0-40H_RCthermalThermal design2017-08-11

PCB Symbol, Footprint and 3D Model

Model NameDescription

Ordering, pricing & availability

Type numberOrderable part numberOrdering code (12NC)PackingPacking quantityBuy online
BUK7Y3R0-40HBUK7Y3R0-40HX934660085115SOT669_115- Order product
BUK7Y3R0-40H/A002BUK7Y3R0-40H/A002X934665443115SOT669_115- Order product


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