Bipolar transistors


ESD protection, TVS, filtering and signal conditioning





Analog & Logic ICs

Automotive qualified products (AEC-Q100/Q101)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Technology has a major impact on all our lives, and at Nexperia we are committed to continuously improve our technology to enable positive societal changes in the most ethical and sustainable ways possible.

The right approach ensures Efficiency Wins

Electronic systems have massively changed the way we live and work, enabled by the semiconductor technologies and products at their core. As demands evolve, we need to continue to push semiconductor developments so the electronics we rely on now and in the future enhance our lives and address the most compelling societal challenges we face.

At Nexperia we are a worldwide team built on passion and commitment to our work, belief in our goals and a drive to succeed regardless of the challenges we face. Part of that passion and commitment is a fundamental belief in ourselves as a company and as individuals. That means being focused on continuous improvements but doing so in ways that have a positive impact on society while adhering to the highest standards in ethical behavior, environmental protection, sustainability, data security and more.

It is our responsibility to continue the trend of being proactive as we create value for our customers, consumers, the environment, and society as a whole. We want to be a globally responsible trading company.

Our policies

The Nexperia Code of Conduct includes ethical business practices and regulatory compliance. The Code of Conduct applies to all NEXPERIA employees, officers and directors and to all our activities on behalf of NEXPERIA worldwide. We require suppliers, agents and business partners to follow similar principles. 

Nexperia is using an integrated management system approach, which is certified against international standards. To fulfil the requirements of the different standards, we established the Quality Policy and Sustainability Policy.

Nexperia expects its suppliers to embrace our commitment to integrity by complying with and training its employees based on the Nexperia Supplier Code of Conduct.