Worldwide locations


Worldwide locations

Sales offices

Nexperia has a global footprint and is headquartered in Nijmegen (Netherlands). We have numerous offices serving each of the three global regions Asia (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Seoul, Osaka and Tokyo), Europe (Hamburg, München, Budapest, Milan and Courbevoie) and the Americas (Detroit, Durham and Santa Clara) all in close proximity to our key customers.

Manufacturing locations

Nexperia's manufacturing facilities are fully vertically integrated and deliver optimized high-volume production. These include our own waferfabs in Hamburg (Germany), Manchester (UK), as well as three assembly centers in Guangdong (China), Seremban (Malaysia) and Cabuyao (Phillipes). We offer the highest capacity in the industry for various packages and make continuous investments in new capacities. We’re safeguarding the long-term availability of our manufacturing processes and products, so our customers can count on a secure supply.

R&D locations

To ensure our product and package portfolio continues to meet ever rising customer demands and requirements, Nexperia has numerous research and development facilities around the globe. These include dedicated product R&D centers at our three front-end fabrication locations, as well as centers at our headquarters in Nijmegen (Netherlands), in Hong Kong, Penang (Malaysia) and Dallas.