ICSCRM 2023 conference

ICSCRM 2023 conference

The International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM) is taking place in Sorrento, Italy, from September 17-22, 2023. This conference merges ICSCRM and ECSCRM into a single event that gathers the world’s foremost scientists, experts and leading companies working on Silicon Carbide and related topics.

Nexperia is proud to present some of the innovative work we are doing in the silicon carbide (SiC) and wide bandgap semiconductor space:





Habenicht S., Funke H.-J., Birkoben T., Liguda C., Fan H., Dong L., Garete A.J. Li Z.

Influence of material properties on ruggedness evaluation of package architectures for SiC power devices

September 18th,
Nettuno, 16:00 (Mo.C.04)

Momeni D., Mazzillo M., Laha S., Sazrin M.A.S., Ibanez J.U.

Early-stage reliability evaluation of passivation stack and termination designs in SiC MPS diodes

September 21st,

Nettuno, 16:30 (Th.A.16)

Mazzillo M., Momeni D., Yu Z., Stache J., Ibanez J.U., Liguda C., Habenicht S.

Ohmic contact resistance in SiC diodes with Ti and NiSi P+ contacts

September 21st,
Sirene, 16:30 (Th.B.9)

Birkoben T., Faisal F., Steller N., Kranert C., Karhu R., Kallinger B., Müller S., Habenicht S.

Systematic tracking of defects from substrate to final device by full wafer mapping techniques

September 21st,
Ulisse, 16:30 (Th.C.11)


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