Quality Policy


Nexperia is the Efficiency Company, and our sole focus is creating efficient semiconductors. We fabricate devices that are efficient in power consumption and size, with industry-leading small packages. Our Vision is one of continuous innovation and improvement, supporting customers as the global leader in discretes, logic and MOSFETs.


Nexperia creates efficient devices with best-in-class Quality. Our belief that efficiency wins is backed by flawless execution that meets the stringent requirements of the market and our customers. Our products meet Automotive standards, and every Nexperia employee is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining Quality. This runs from product concept and product design, to manufacturing, supply chain and sales. Our Quality Commitment is to have best in class quality and vision to have zero defects in our products.



We demonstrate our commitment to manufacturing and business process integrity by adhering to the most demanding international standards for quality certification.  We drive continuous process improvement using a variety of tools and approaches. These include Zero Defect program, 6-Sigma and Safe Launch for new product introductions. New products are qualified to AEC standard. Nexperia has a focus on maintaining and further improving the high levels of quality in the products its supplies to customers.

International standards certification

All our manufacturing sites are certified to ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949.

Our Sustainability, health and safety and environment policies are also integrated in our approach and our manufacturing sites are ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certified.

Customer requirements

Some of our customers have specific requirements, both at product and systems level. We review these requirements together with the customer and formalize any agreements in a contract or quality addendum.

Change management and product change notifications

For change management, we comply to JEDEC J-STD-046 and ZVEI standards. Product changes are notified to customers via our ePCN system (Product Change Notification).


Our Complaint Handling And Management Program (CHAMP) covers all technical complaints request for analysis and is based on the on the Global 8-D approach. We use systematic problem solving methods to investigate product returns and complaints and give detailed responses (including corrective action).


Nexperia has a program of internal and external audits, to ensure our processes meet the requirements of our customer and international standards. It also enables systemic improvements to be identified and corrective actions implemented. We have the CADIQ system (Corrective Action Database for Improvement Quality) to help manage this program.

Nexperia Suppliers

All suppliers, including contractors and external manufacturers, are required to comply with Nexperia’s Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes requirements relating to conflict minerals and responsible sourcing.

Material Declarations and RoHS

Nexperia strives to meet and exceed compliance to regulatory and customer requirements. We collect, calculate, retain and report accurate product material content, and to effectively communicate critical information to our customers and employees. We provide information on our website for Material Composition Declaration (MCD), RoHS Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and China RoHS. For more details see the sustainability policy.

Conflict Minerals

Nexperia is dedicated to ensuring conflict free sourcing. To comply with the Conflict Minerals regulation, Nexperia has implemented a policy and due diligence process to reasonably assure that the tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold in the products we manufacture do not directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups. Nexperia continues to be committed towards a conflict free supply chain, including conflict free smelters and refiners.