Quality Policy

Zero customer incidents is our standard

Our approach

  • Nexperia expects products to have zero defects, designing quality into the die circuits, fabrication processes and assembly construction. We use our knowledge and expertise to lead us to zero defects.

  • Change management is rigorously controlled to ensure it is flawless. We comply to JEDEC J-STD-046 and ZVEI PCN guidance. Product changes are notified to customers via an electronic Product Change Notification (ePCN) system to ensure seamless acceptance. Safe Launches ensure zero incidents during volume ramp.

  • Should complaints occur, our Complaint Handling is based on the global 8D approach, using structured problem solving techniques, with lesson learned deployed throughout the company.

Everyone is responsible for quality

Our approach

  • Management have built quality into the company values; Passion, Professionalism, Perseverance, Performance.
  • We engineer quality efficiently into our ways of working, processes, product design, manufacturing construction and test.
  • We work as TeamNexperia to bring ownership and engagement to ensure discipline in meeting Nexperia quality.
  • Our annual People Performance Management process sets improvement goals and assess individuals contribution to flawless execution on quality. Training needs are identified to upgrade competencies.
  • All new onboarded employees receive an induction on quality.

Recognised leadership in quality

Our approach

  • Customer Care provides strong support for all aspects of customer quality, and ensures the voice of the customer is heard throughout Nexperia.
  • Management champions continuous improvement activities, removing obstacles, and ensuring structured methodologies are used to achieve breakthroughs.
  • Customer insights on quality are used to advance our process capability. Advanced quality methods are added in agreement with customers.
  • Nexperia matches product robustness and service level to the market segments we supply.

Obsession for consistent quality

Our approach

  • Nexperia deploys a business management system to assure quality is applied efficiently and uniformly, with all locations of Nexperia certified to latest version of IAFT16949 and corporate functions to ISO9001.
  • Customer Specific Requirements at both product and systems level are understood, aligned and deployed as agreed.
  • Manufacturing locations for automotive supply, both within Nexperia and external foundries and subcons are audited to meet the VDA 6.3 standard.
  • Suppliers are managed to ensure they meet Nexperia Quality expectations.
  • Products are developed using advanced project quality planning and qualified to meet market requirements, with automotive parts being warranted to be AEC Q100/Q101 compliant.