Nexperia Sustainability Policy


We at Nexperia are the efficiency semiconductor company. We believe that an efficient company creates efficient products - products that are efficient in power consumption and efficient in space usage by offering industry leading small packages.


We are committed to provide a safe working environment, promote good h ealth , minimize the environmental impact of our activities and protect the environment with our way of working and the products we develop. We foster innovations and creative solutions that add value for our customers, communities and our planet.

We define Sustainability as part of our "Efficiency wins" strategy through the inclusion of environmental, health & safety, social and governance issues in our business strategy. At Nexperia, we have a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility issues which signify much more than just legal compliance with the relevant laws. Sustainability is part of everyday work of all employees worldwide, from the Executive Management Team to each single employee, from product development until disposal.



The Nexperia Code of Conduct defines the principles and high standards which are applied to its business practices and those of its global supply chain. This Code is enshrined in the contracts of all employees and encourages respectful, dignified and professional standards of behaviour across our global network of sites. We expect from our suppliers to act according to our Supplier Code of Conduct and obtain materials from socially responsible and sustainable sources (e.g. conflict minerals).


We have a global workforce that is highly diverse, both geographically and culturally. We are committed to providing a workplace that is safe and secure, where every employee is empowered to achieve a healthy work-life balance, and everyone is treated with respect and dignity.


We are committed to create the highest quality products and packages. Our products are developed to provide a positive contribution to society. We aim for continuous reduction of environmental impact with each new product generation (following e.g. RoHS / REACH requirements).


We pursue the careful use of resources. We employ strategies to optimize energy efficiency and material use, manage the water use and the wastewater we produce, lower greenhouse gas and other significant air emissions, reduce waste and establish plans to phase out critical hazardous substances. We are analysing our workplaces, to eliminate hazards and reduce EHS risks where needed. Our chemical management system ensures the safe and environmental compliant use of hazardous substances in our production processes.


We comply with applicable legislation, regulations, codes of practice, often going beyond specified standards. Where laws and regulations do not provide adequate controls, we adopt our own standards which are vigorously implemented.


We work closely with partners and individuals to support and strengthen the communities in which we operate. We are engaged in local and international industry associations.


We commit to measure, track and report on the performance of the implementation of sustainability practices. The results will be used as input to continuously improve our management system. We publish sustainability results both internally and externally.


We engage in open, ongoing dialogs with employees, workers representatives, customers, authorities, investors, the public, and other key stakeholders.

This Sustainability Policy is broken down in our key goals and corresponding objectives. On a regular basis, the Policy and the continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the management system are reviewed.