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At ITEC we work with a truly multi-discipline team and we have over 30 years of experience. We are always looking for a range of roles, that often require an entrepreneurial spirit looking to make a real difference.

Nexperia’s equipment and automation partner

Nexperia’s equipment and automation partner

Semiconductor-based electronic systems have transformed our world. While innovation in front-end fabrication and packaging technologies is often where the focus lies, without proven, high-quality, volume assembly and test operations, none of it would be commercially feasible.

At ITEC we have over 30 years of experience in understanding and optimizing production processes and building, installing and maintaining some of the industry’s most advanced tools. By developing and optimizing Nexperia’s backend capabilities, we support the production of over 90 billion devices annually. That demands a unique combination of understanding the day-to-day challenges of today’s assembly and test processes as well as the latest developments in smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0), big data and advanced mechatronics.

Two unique locations – one single purpose

For the last 30 years ITEC has maintained two main locations – Nijmegen and Hong Kong. Both locations continue to play vital roles in ITEC’s successes and innovation. Nijmegen is the primary R&D center, while Hong Kong is our Service & Supply center as well as R&D center for vision systems.



Nexperia has a long history with Nijmegen going all the way back to the first transistor produced at the site in 1952. As well as the Novio Tech Campus being the company headquarters, it is also ITEC’s primary R&D site. Nijmegen has evolved to be a leading center of health and high-tech innovation, and ITEC is able to draw on the region’s advanced mechatronics, process engineering and smart manufacturing capabilities.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Most people recognise Hong Kong as a global finance center, but it continues to play a vital role in technology innovation. In fact ITEC’s first Breakthrough In Manufacturing (BIM) line was installed in 1987 at the Philips Hong Kong facility when the city was a key production location for S.E. Asia. While the BIM lines have moved on, ITEC has grown its Asian presence recently moving to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park where we focus on regional service and support along with the research and development of vision systems.

Looking to push boundaries in a company where your talents can shine?<br/>Join TeamNexperia.

Looking to push boundaries in a company where your talents can shine?
Join TeamNexperia.

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A truly multi-discipline team

To achieve the out-of-box thinking required to successfully discover and implement the efficiencies needed to deliver automotive-grade high-volume semiconductors takes real multi-disciplinary teamwork. Regardless of whether that is for traditional leadframe encapsulations or the latest plastic, paper of Chip-on-Board substates. So ITEC is always looking for a range of roles, that often require an entrepreneurial spirit looking to make a real difference. 

  • Research and development
  • System architecture
  • Process engineering
  • Software engineering – process control and equipment firmware
  • Advanced mechatronics, electronics, mechanics
  • Quality assurance
  • Commercial, logistics and customer support
Benefits package for ITEC

Benefits package for ITEC

As part of Nexperia, ITEC is a forward-thinking fair employer, with a strong focus on helping achieve a good work life balance by offering a flexible range of benefits. Its not just business, its personal. 

  • Flexible working scheme
  • Part of a small, flexible team within a recognized European multinational
  • Annual / paid leave and pension plan
  • Recognition reward schemes
  • Talent and leadership programs
  • Technical Career Ladder
  • Opportunities for international assignments and good relocation packages