Complete range of standard and mini-logic functions, including translator and analog switches, complemented by an industry-leading AEC-Q100 certified portfolio. Along with this broad choice, we help speed your design process with the versatility of configurable logic and offer advanced logic solutions with the lowest dynamic and static power consumption. Our innovation in packaging technology offers designers the flexibility to find a solution to fit their space limitations, confident that whichever package is selected will be available for as long as needed.

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Application note (3)

File name Title Type Date
AN263 Power considerations when using CMOS and BiCMOS logic devices Application note 2002-02-04
AN11400 Properties and application of bypass capacitors Application note 2013-12-13
AN11733 AN11733 Logic data sheet parameters Application note 2015-10-30

Brochure (12)

File name Title Type Date
75017530 General-purpose logic solutions; Commitment and innovation Brochure 2014-04-03
75016984 NXP VHC/T and XC7 logic: Very High-speed CMOS logic for next-generation designs Brochure 2013-04-08
75017389 Logic Translator Voltage Brochure Brochure 2013-05-20
75017511 Voltage translation: How to manage mixed-voltage designs with NXP level translators Brochure 2014-05-19
75017458 NXP ultra-low-power CMOS logic 74AUP1G/2G/3Gxxx: Advanced, ultra-low-power CMOS logic Brochure 2014-10-12
75017617 Dual PCB configurable logic for more ways to save space and lower cost Brochure 2014-11-09
75017624 Using shift registers to reduce size and BOM in LED designs Brochure 2014-11-19
75017663 NXP Logic Q100 logic portfolio Brochure 2015-05-21
75017668 Low voltage CMOS family - LVC Brochure 2015-07-09
75017702 PicoGate Logic portfolio Brochure 2015-11-09
Nexperia_document_brochure_Logic_Q100_portfolio_201711 AEC-Q100 automotive Logic portfolio Brochure 2017-11-16
Nexperia_document_guide_Logic_translators_201711 Nexperia Logic Translators Brochure 2017-12-05

Leaflet (8)

File name Title Type Date
75015771 World’s smallest leadless logic packages; NXP MicroPak and MicroPak II packages for single-, dual-, and triple-gate logic functions Leaflet 2006-11-30
75015675 Advanced ultra-low-power CMOS logic; NXP ultra-low-power CMOS logic 74AUP1G/2G/3Gxxx Leaflet 2006-08-31
75016907 Easy test and evaluation of the 74AUP1Z04 Leaflet 2013-02-11
75017254 Competitive Package Cross-Reference: NXP Logic Products Leaflet 2013-04-08
75017475 NXP Load Switches and Over-Voltage Protection ICs: Simple, efficient, protection and control with smallest footprint Leaflet 2013-09-05
75017184 NXP Signal Integrity for Logic Devices Leaflet 2015-03-02
75017648 NXP NPIC shift register based LED drivers Leaflet 2015-05-12
Nexperia_document_QIC_Logic_Packages_Recommendations_201711 Longevity – Packages by pin count Leaflet 2017-11-27

Line card (2)

File name Title Type Date
75017085 Application guide: Flat-panel TV sets Line card 2012-03-12
75017378 Low-voltage logic spectrum Line card 2013-01-28

Marcom graphics (1)

File name Title Type Date
X2SON5_SOT1226_mk plastic, thermal enhanced extremely thin small outline package; no leads; 5 terminals; 0.48 mm pitch; 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.35 mm body Marcom graphics 2017-01-28

Selection guide (2)

File name Title Type Date
75015761 Memory interfaces; Support logic for memory modules and other memory subsystems Selection guide 2006-10-31
75017285 Logic selection guide 2016 Selection guide 2015-01-07

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