Lindy's story

Lindy's story

Name: Lindy Dong

Job title: Principal Material Engineer • Package R&D HK– Advanced Material Technology & Modelling

Location: Nexperia Hong Kong

I want to become an engineer because engineers make meaningful contributions to society and drive technological advancements worldwide. Engineers are problem solvers in various fields, providing solutions that propel technological progress. As a chemical engineer, the responsible selection and implementation of chemical materials is crucial for both companies and the world at large. Therefore, pursuing a career as a chemical engineer is my dream, and I aspire to use my efforts, knowledge, and experience to make the world a better place.

My advice for girls and women who are thinking of a career in engineering:

Never underestimate yourself. Female engineers can unleash their creativity, contribute to developing new technologies, and innovate new products. They have the ability to solve problems and provide solutions that impact real-life situations. Female engineers play a crucial role in the engineering world.

Lindy Dong