Mandy's story

Mandy's story

Name: Mandy Hung

Job title: Principal Engineer, Process ITEC Industrial Team Die Bond/Die Sort

Location: Hong Kong

Why did you want to become an engineer?
My original plan was to become a teacher, but I felt the need to gain practical experience outside of school before pursuing that path. Joining the field of engineering allowed me to witness firsthand how the theories in textbooks transform into tangible products in our daily lives. I discovered that being an engineer is a fun and challenging job, and I have grown to love it!

What is your message to females out there who are considering a career in engineering?
I wish you great success! You will take immense pride in saying, "Wow, a part of this smartphone is related to my work!" Embrace the opportunities and be confident in your abilities to contribute to groundbreaking technologies.

How does safety play a part in your work?
Safety is of paramount importance in my work at ITEC. Since we deal with machines that have numerous moving parts, engineers must maintain a strong safety mindset while operating these complex engineering systems. Prioritizing safety is fundamental to our work at ITEC.