Bipolar transistors


ESD protection, TVS, filtering and signal conditioning





Analog & Logic ICs

Automotive qualified products (AEC-Q100/Q101)

Yuet's story

Yuet's story

Name: Yuet Cheung

Job title: Senior Mechanical Engineer, Die Bond and Die Sort 

Location: ITEC Hong Kong

Why did you want to become an engineer?

I wanted to become an engineer because of my dad. When I was a kid, he tried to make our home better by his own design every weekend. At that time, internet was not so common, so he kept thinking of different design, try and error and making prototype. It is a seed for the future me, leading me how to apply engineering in our life.

What is your message to females out there who are considering a career in engineering?
No worries. You will enjoy your engineering life. We need you!