Zuhayra's story

Zuhayra's story

Name: Zuhayra Raihan Binti Zahisham

Job title: Engineer III

Location: Nexperia Malaysia

Why did you want to become an engineer?
I chose to pursue engineering because I have always been fascinated by the inner workings of things. As a child, I would often dismantle gadgets to understand their mechanisms and then attempt to reassemble them. This early curiosity for science and technology ultimately shaped my decision to pursue engineering as a career. Being an engineer not only hones our logical thinking and analytical skills, but it also offers the exciting opportunity to explore innovative solutions to problems. Each day brings new opportunities for learning, making the journey as an engineer truly enjoyable.

What is your message to females out there who are considering a career in engineering?

To all women considering entering the field, stay true to yourself and embrace new challenges without fear. Confidence grows through pushing your limits and achieving what you once believed was impossible. While engineering has historically been male dominated, remember that nothing can hinder you from realizing your dreams.