Nexperia 2022 Sustainability Report

This report represents Nexperia’s first corporate sustainability report and affirms our commitment to openness to our sustainable business practices and policies.

First ESG Risk Rating

First ESG Risk Rating

We are proud to announce that in July 2023, Nexperia received an ESG Risk Rating of 18.7 and was assessed by Morningstar Sustainalytics to be at low risk of experiencing material financial impacts from Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors.

This inaugural ESG Risk Rating places Nexperia in the top echelon of companies, ranking among the top 11% out of a total of 221 assessed entities within the semiconductor design and manufacturing subindustry on a global scale. This assessment underscores Nexperia's dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices, positioning the company among the top 16% within the larger global semiconductor industry.

Furthermore, Nexperia also received a strong overall ESG Risk Management Rating – underscoring the company's commitment to comprehensive ESG programs, practices, and policies.

Ranking of Nexperia B.V.

 (1st = lowest risk)

   Industry Group
51 out of 325
Top 16%
   Subindustry Group
   Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing
24 out of 221
Top 11%
As Nexperia continues on its journey of sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship, the company remains steadfast in its determination to foster positive environmental, social, and governance outcomes for the benefit of all stakeholders. 

ESG Highlights 2022

Nexperia is a company driven by a strong commitment to innovation. As part of this forward-looking approach, we also take a holistic view of our organization’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact. Check out some of the 2022 Highlights in below infographic. Or download our Sustainability Report.