Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

Download the Code of Conduct here

Code of Conduct

At Nexperia we are committed to doing business with integrity and in compliance with all laws and regulations. Our Code of Conduct outlines our ethical standards and provides guidance on how we conduct ourselves in our daily operations. We expect all employees and partners to abide by the principles outlined in the Code of Conduct.

This document in front of you, “the Code”, has been carefully developed to outline the standards of behavior expected from NEXPERIA employees. Maintaining these standards helps us to protect ourselves and each other, as well as our business, stakeholders and customers, from harm.
When we know right from wrong, we have no excuse not to follow the ethical path, to do right.

The Code is your first point of reference in distinguishing right from wrong within NEXPERIA. Coupled with common sense and experience, it details the behavior expected from you and every NEXPERIA employee. It shows you what to do if you witness or suspect a breach of the Code, as well as highlighting the consequences for confirmed violations.

Thank you for your commitment to ethical business practices, and we look forward to hearing from you if you have any compliance concerns or questions.

Whistleblower hotline

Whistleblower Hotline & Compliance Contact

At Nexperia we take our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices very seriously. To report a compliance concern or potential violation, you can contact our whistleblower hotline. We have our local email contact: You may choose to remain anonymous, and we will treat your report with the utmost confidentiality.