Nexperia new main partner N.E.C.


Nexperia new main partner N.E.C.

May 16, 2024

Nijmegen -- Nexperia, semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Nijmegen, will appear on the front of the N.E.C. shirt for the next three seasons. Founded in 2017, the company emerged from the former Philips Semiconductors, then NXP and is based at the Noviotech Campus. Nexperia cherishes its Dutch heritage and wants to show commitment to Nijmegen and the region and the Netherlands, including in sports. Nexperia chose N.E.C. because of the important role the club plays in the region, its social position within the Nijmegen region and shared growth ambitions. After extensive conversations, both parties agreed on a cooperation for at least three seasons, until the summer of 2027.

Managing director Wilco van Schaik expresses his pride in the new main partner and emphasizes the loyalty and thinking along with the partners KlokGroep and NasWerkt: “It is a compliment for N.E.C. that a world player like Nexperia joins our club as a main partner. This demonstrates recognition for our achievements, both on the field and certainly among our colleagues in the office. This partnership highlights the club's commercial strategy combined with our social commitment in the region. The traction we have developed attracts big brands. It is also wonderful that Nexperia is a Nijmegen company that not only has great ambitions for brand awareness in football, but also has an eye for our city and its inhabitants, as evidenced by their involvement in our social projects. It is fantastic that we can welcome Nexperia as a main partner, after having proudly worn KlokGroep and NasWerkt on our jersey for many years.”

Robin Faber, commercial manager of N.E.C. Nijmegen, elaborates on the loyalty of the partners: “The discussions with our current partners KlokGroep and NasWerkt were crucial in this. Their loyalty has helped to make these changes on the shirt possible. From the 2024-2025 season, Nexperia will feature on the front of the N.E.C. shirt, making KlokGroep visible on the back and NasWerkt the spot on the sleeve. KlokGroep has indicated that the main partnership has given them a lot in recent years. Now, with the reputation built up, the back position can flesh out its regional and national objectives in line with N.E.C.'s ambitions and ties to the club. NasWerkt will remain a strategic partner of the club and retain a prominent spot on the shirt for the next three seasons. With these three partners, we form a dream team of companies from Nijmegen that give regional substance to this partnership, both in football and beyond.”

Ruben Lichtenberg, Director Nexperia Netherlands, added: “As a company with Nijmegen roots, we are extremely proud to support the biggest sports brand in this region through this partnership. We believe in N.E.C.'s growth ambitions, which coincide with our own ambitions on a national and international level. Besides football, we also want to contribute to the city, society and people in the region. N.E.C. has an extensive social program and we want to support this extra as a main partner, with health as an important theme, among others. This fits with our philosophy: develop together, grow and care for the city and the region. We are enormously proud to hold this position with N.E.C. and thank KlokGroep and NasWerkt for their cooperation and loyalty. This shows that N.E.C. connects and is a powerful brand in this region.”

“We are proud that our roots are in Nijmegen and the Netherlands. We are the only company in
Europe that makes basic chips for power distribution in all kinds of devices. As many as eleven million per hour and one hundred billion per year. This means we supply almost ten percent of the world market. Nexperia, basically strong ,” concludes Jean-Pierre Kempeneers, co-director Nexperia Netherlands.


Harold van Rooijen, director of KlokGroep, explains why they have agreed to this change: “We gave it a lot of thought when N.E.C. approached us about this change. Together with our communications and marketing staff, we looked at the positive impact of shirt sponsorship on our company and our brand. We also looked at the back position and how we can strengthen and leverage our long-standing partnership with N.E.C. In consultation with N.E.C., we have put together a package that preserves our ambitions in the social sphere in the city and region. We are especially excited about N.E.C.'s focus on health in the coming years, something that appeals greatly to us as a Nijmegen company and to which we would like to continue contributing. In addition, we wanted to support the opportunity N.E.C. got by expanding with three partners on the shirt. We are proud to have supported N.E.C. during the difficult years in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie and are pleased with the new shirt position, which we are taking on for at least five years.”

Richard Nas, co-owner of NasWerkt and a partner of the club for ten years, concurs: “Of course we had to switch gears for a while when N.E.C. told us about this change. After hearing an explanation of the club and the ideas behind it and when we heard that it involved Nexperia, we became enthusiastic. This enthusiasm grew when, together with N.E.C., we were able to put together a package for the new sleeve position that perfectly matched our objectives. As a brand, we have built national prominence over the past decade through our partnership with N.E.C. and are eager to increase this. Maintaining our position on the shirt, as well as remaining one of the club's largest partners, was our priority. Local involvement and social support through N.E.C. projects remain important to us as a company. We are therefore very pleased with the new role we will play, together with other major Nijmegen companies. It's great to be part of this partnership for the next three years, where we all have a heart for the club and the city.”