Featured packages

With about 100 different package options available, it isn’t always easy to pick the right one for your design. Below is a selection of some of our more popular and recommended options.


DFN2020MD-6 (SOT1220)

Advanced power capability in a 2 mm x 2 mm footprint




Side wettable flank options


DSN0402-2 (SOD992)

Silicon, leadless tiny package


GX packages

DFN2020M-6 (SOT1220-2)

Low RDS(on) package for consumer applications

MLPAK33 (SOT8002-1)

Surface mount package with thermal enhancement

DFN0606 (SOT8001-1)

Ultra small footprint


Highest efficiency by electrical performance

Leaded (Clip bond technology)

LFPAK56D (SOT1205)

The ultimate dual automotive MOSFET

LFPAK33 (SOT1210)

Shrinking the power footprint

Clip-bonded FlatPower (CFP)

Clip-bonded FlatPower (CFP)

LFPAK88 (SOT1235)

Driving power density to the next level

Leaded (SMD)

VSSOP8 (SOT765-1)

Single, dual or triple gate functions in small footprint packages

SC-70 (SOT323)

Plastic, surface-mounted package


Plastic, surface-mounted package

TO-236AB (SOT23)

Plastic, surface-mounted package

Through hole

I2PAK / TO220

High performance through-hole products